Stella di Mare

Discover the beauty of the west coast of Sardinia on horseback - rocks, dunes, white sandy beach, emerald green sea water ... an unforgettable experience!

4 days hotel in half board, 3 days starfish riding = € 715,00

Since 2012 Mandra Edera has a small stable with a sort of club house directly at the beach. This fact allows a lot of new possibilities, as from this basis wonderful star rides at the beach can be organized.


1st day:
We pass the huge pinewood of Is Arenas, we are riding up and down the sandy ground, the pine trees reflect the sun light, there is a wonderful smell everywhere. Finally we arrive at the beach of Is Arenas, almost 10 km long, covered with soft sand. The horses love to play in the water, it is refreshing to walk inside. The beach is waiting for us, to have a great gallop or canter!

2nd day:
Today we will discover the stony and cliffy area of Capo Mannu. The perspective from horseback is breathtaking! We will see cliffs of more than 200 metres depth, the frothing spume of the sea water. We will pass a big salt lake, and if we are lucky we can also see the pink-coloured flamingos, which stand on one leg in a majestic position. These are unforgettable moments!

3rd day:
This day we will ride through the protected area of Sinis. We will pass pinewoods on horse, have a canter over field paths, surrounded by meadows full of flowers, scale with our horses steep cliffs with a fantastic view on the emerald-green water beyond us. Finally we will reach the famous “rice corn beach” of Maimoni, which is covered with glittering white quartz sand, together with the intensive blue of the seawater it is really a blaze of colour!

The stable at the sea is 30 metres away from the beach of “Sa Rocca Tunda” (in the north of half island of Sinis). So the guests can have a nice walk at the beach or a refreshing bath in the sea after riding, they can spend the rest of the day at the beach.
It is recommended to hire a car to be more flexible and to do the transfer from the hotel to the sea and back.


Minimum group: 2 persons
Price: € 715,00 per person
This price includes 4 days accommodation at 4-stars-Country-Hotel Mandra Edera, standard double room in half board, 3 days starfish riding “Stella di Mare”.
Riding about 3 hours each day.