Country and Sea

Spend 3 days in the wild landscape of central Sardinia, 3 days at the sea
- 2 x 3 totally different days on horseback.

7 days in hotel in half board, 6 days star fish ride = € 1.060,00
Our riding package “Country and Sea” will give you a certain idea of the big variety of the wonderful island Sardinia. You will start 3 days directly from the stable at Mandra Edera and discover the region around, and 3 days you will start from the stable at the sea. Riding hours per day: about 3  hours.

1st day:
Meet your horse. According to your riding skills and your likings we will match the right horse with you. After 10 – 15 minutes on the riding arena you will start our first ride around Mandra Edera. We pass over ancient shepherd paths which didn’t change for the last 200 years. You will ride along the stone walls, which are typical for Sardinia. Behind them animals are happily grazing, such as sheep, cows and donkeys. All the scenery is quiet and peaceful. Sometimes the trees and bushes are so dense that they really seem like a jungle.
2nd day:
We start again from the stable, but now will take another direction. We ride over the old paths and will arrive at an ancient grave yard, which is called “tomba dei giganti”. It is 4000 years old, people thought, that giants are buried there. It still has a magical atmosphere, also our horses seem to feel that. Than we go on and cross a big oak tree forest, these old trees are really majestic. We will have a long and fantastic canter here in the forest and then slowly turn back, seeing little farm houses and the farmers doing their daily work in their fruit and vegetable gardens.
3rd day:
Our horses are fresh and in a good humour as all the other days, when we fetch them from the big paddock. Today we will ride long and curved paths which allow a lot of trot and canter. As Sardinia is a volcanic island we pass regions of cold lava and stones, which our horses climb easily like goats – they are really sure-footed! We have another 3 hours of riding in peace and quietness.

4th day:
The following three days we start at the beach stable, where a group of friendly and well-trained horses is waiting for us (Arabs and Anglo-Arabs). Some of them do endurance competitions, so they are really in an excellent form! The guide at the beach will give us a short briefing and we will meet our new horse. Now the landscape will be totally different, as we are on the half island of Sinis.
Today we will discover the stony and cliffy area of Capo Mannu. The perspective from horseback is breathtaking! We will see cliffs of more than 200 metres depth, the frothing spume of the sea water. We will pass a big salt lake, and if we are lucky we can also see the pink-coloured flamingos, which stand on one leg in a majestic position. These are unforgettable moments!
5th day:
We pass the huge pinewood of Is Arenas, we are riding up and down the sandy ground, the pine trees reflect the sun light, there is a wonderful smell everywhere. Finally we arrive at the beach of Is Arenas, almost 10 km long, covered with soft sand. The horses love to play in the water, it is refreshing to walk inside. The beach is waiting for us, to have a great gallop / canter!
6th day:
This day we will ride through the protected area of Sinis. We will pass pinewoods on horse, have a canter over field paths, surrounded by meadows full of flowers, scale with our horses steep cliffs with a fantastic view on the emerald-green water beyond us. Finally we will reach the famous “rice corn beach” of Maimoni, which is covered with glittering white quartz sand, together with the intensive blue of the seawater it is really a blaze of colour!
The stable at the sea is 30 metres away from the beach of “Sa Rocca Tunda” (in the north of half island of Sinis). So the guests can have a nice walk at the beach or a refreshing bath in the sea after riding, they can spend the rest of the day at the beach.
It is recommended to hire a car to be more flexible and to reach the beach stable. If you don’t hire a car, the transfer from the hotel to the beach stable will be organized by Mandra Edera (on the 3 sea riding days – transfer to the beach stable and back to Mandra Edera.) The package price is € 998,-- including this transfer (instead of € 898,--).
It depends on the internal organization of Mandra Edera, whether the first 3 days will be around Mandra Edera or starting at the sea or viceversa.
We can build different groups, so that different riding levels are possible.

Package price: € 1.060,00
The price includes 7 days of accommodation in half board in Country Lodge Mandra Edera,
6 days star fish ride “Country and Sea”.

Any arrival day possible. Only for riders fit in all paces.



Photos: Stephanie Boden