Yoga and Horse Riding

YOGA - this is body, mind and soul in harmony

With these special weeks would like to offer a new concept:
Yoga helps to concentrate on the presence, leads to mindfulness towards yourself and strengthens the perception of your body.
This new sensibility will have its direct effect on horse riding, which is a stronger sensation for yourself in connection with the horse.


In 2019 we will offer regularily courses with Yoga-lessons and riding!
Package price: € 1.240,00

(one week in half board, 5 x Yoga lesson, 10 riding units)
Yoga courses can be booked also without riding.

Dates see below.



Yoga is a very old Indian Philosophy which is taught now for modern people in a naturalistic and lively way.
Yoga, on one hand, is a way which gives you the possibility to arrive in "Here and Now", to enjoy the peace which you will automatically feel then and to relax.
Yoga, on the other hand, is a way to loose muscle tensions by specially coordinated physical exercises, in order to strech and extend your body, to gain more mobility and to develop a good body feeling. Thus harmony between body, mind and soul will be achieved. A joyful experience!

At Mandra Edera, this paradise horse place in Sardinia, you will have the possibility to combine Yoga and horse riding. Discover which effect Yoga has on your body and how this new body feeling gives you a relaxed position when horse riding.

Riding lessons and excursions on horse back can be individually planned on site, according to your needs.




In 2018 Yoga instructor Valentina Murranca will hold the Yoga courses. She has a big passion for her job. Valentina has many years of experience with teaching Yoga. Apart from her mother language Italian she teaches also in fluent English.
"Yoga is an attitude towards life, a mentality ...." she told me when we met first time. I have to say, this young woman full of energy made me courious for the Yoga courses!



Personal Data:
Valentina Murranca, born in Sardinia, startet in 2006 with Yoga and Meditation. After her graduation in communication she moved to London in 2011 and startet to learn different Yoga disciplines such as Vinyasa-Flow and Acro-Yoga. In 2013 she started her Yoga Teacher Training in Florence (Samadhi Yoga School, Jacopo Yogendra Ceccarelli). She carried on studying and practising Yoga in all around Italy and Europe. In 2017 Valentina travelled to India to learn more about Yoga and Meditation. There she met Saraswati Pattabijois and attended her Ashtanga Vinyasa classes for a while.
Amoung the activities she does there are: Yoga and Meditation, Anukalana-Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga-Nidra - deep relaxation, Yoga for children, Yoga for runners, Yoga and Kayak, and others.



The package price of € 1.240,00 includes:
7 days accomodation with half board at Country Hotel Mandra Edera (in double room),
5 yoga lessons (60 - 75 minutes), always in the morning before breakfast, about 7.30 a.m.
10 riding units (to be used for lessons and riding excursions)
Minimum 4 participants.
(Courses possibile with 1 - 3 participants,paying a supplement)


This programme suits also non-riders.
Package price without riding: € 1.040,00

Early bookers pay 10 % less.


Dates in 2019:

online soon!