Rider's Fitness

Centered Riding – the right training for a good seat


An intensive training week under the instruction of three experts:
1 riding teacher specialized on ergonomics and motor function
1 physiotherapist specialized on ergonomics and pain therapy with sportsmen
1 veterinarian specialized on horse training

5 days intense riding training (60 min.), 5 x individual physiotherapy and fitness training

One week in half board in Country Hotel (only on certain dates available, see dates below)
Package price: € 1.515,00




You can book “Riders’s Fitness“ program on the following dates:

Dates in 2019:

19.10. - 26.10.2019

This project is under the instruction of Stefano Licheri, Paola Musio, Manon Gygax.



Everyone has his strong and his weak points in his body. When riding they are more evident as the rider has to come into a certain unity with his horse. Almost every rider has some little weak points in the course of motions. In most cases he is not even aware of this. Maybe somebody tears his shoulder up, puts his hand a little higher, another one buckles the hip, looks downwards, humps his back, puts his legs too much forward or backward. All this has an impact on the horse, on the flow of its motion. It has an influence whether the horse succeeds to relax and to be in a good rhythm with the rider.

“Centered riding” is the target and means – beside other things – physical flexibility, elasticity and fitness of the rider. In this special week “Rider’s fitness” three experts will work tight together with each participant. Parts of the lessons are also filmed in order to discuss the rider’s position together. Video based discussions and briefing with the instructors will make the training day complete.



This is the program:
The riding instructor who is especially trained in ergonomics will advise the client on his individual physical problems and wrong  position of his body. The veterinarian explains the effects which the rider’s position has on the horse. The physiotherapist then will treat these “weak points” on an individual basis and will give also advice for the future showing specific physical exercises. The target is to become flexible and to maintain the flexibility of the joints.

This week includes on five days one hour of riding lesson with the focus on centered riding, afterwards 45 minutes individual physiotherapy and later one hour gymnastics and fitness exercises with the group (for example at the pool).

This special training is dedicated to the wellness of rider and horse. It is meant for riders of any riding level who intend to improve their riding ability, and especially for those riders who suffer from certain pain and stiffness.

The target is to be able to ride in a balanced and centered way, in physical and mental harmony with the horse.


Fotos: Iris Ludewig, Luzia Brunner