Om oss

Here I will present you the team of "Mandra Edera". They are special people, and each of them is unique ....

Daniele Licheri
Daniele is the owner of the Country-Hotel Mandra Edera. He is also leading the horse breeding farm and the riding stable. Since he was a child horses have been his life, as his family is was breeding Sardian Anglo-Arab horses for many generations. He is taking care of the about 30 horses, rides them and educates them. For me he is the "horse-whisperer" of Sardinia. His calmness and serenity in any situation are impressing, and his quiet manner transfers confidence to animals and people as well. I have already learned a lot from him ...


Barbarangelo Licheri
Barbarangelo is Daniele's brother. He is veterinarian and takes care of health and well-being of the horses. He is a cherished person in the whole region, to my opinion he is distinguished by his modesty and wisdom. Thanks to his good contact to the farmers and shepherds around, we are allowed to pass private ground when doing the riding excursions, this means we are passing many kilometres through wild and isolated areas which normally no tourist would be allowed to enter. Furthermore Barbarangelo is an expert in flora and fauna.


Stefano Licheri
Stefano is the nephew of Daniele and the budding rider of Mandra Edera. The young riding teacher has inherited the same quiet manner, maybe this is a "family gene". He presents the young talented horses at the show-jumping competitions, before they are sold in whole Europe. At the moment he studies physiotherapy and sports medicine. His big sympathy for horses and his gentle manner characterize also the way he gives riding lessons.




Michele is multi talented. One of his talents is to stand on the back of a gallopping horse, safely and without fear. He gives riding lessons and guides the excursions around Mandra Edera. Apart from his mother language he speaks also fluently French. He is always in a good mood and loves the adventurous things. On the picture you see our very calm and nice horse "Cosomina", which we normally use for childrens' and beginners' lessons. Here you can see how proud the mare is to show that she can do also "wilder" things....


Paola Musio
Paola is the partner of Daniele and also riding since her youth. She is veterinarian specialized on horse breeding. She is also working as a riding teacher at Mandra Edera. Furthermore she is quite successfully participating in show-jumping competions and endurance races. The courageous young woman is full of dynamics and pep. She gives riding lessons and does the guide for the excursions at the sea, as she was grown up at the coast and knows any small and hidden path along the sea.


These are the "horsemen" of Mandra Edera.

As soon as I have more photos, I will present you the rest of the team, which fondly takes care of the well-being of our guests in the hotel and the restaurant.