How to arrive

It is quite comfortable to arrive in Sardinia, because there are a lot of low cost airlines which offer flights for cheap prices. The average time to reach the Mediterranen island is between 1,5  and 2 hours flight.

There are three airports on Sardinia:
Olbia in the North East of the island
Alghero in the North West
Cagliari in the South

Country Hotel Mandra Edera is more or less located in the centre of Sardinia, the distance of all three airports is about 1 hour and 45 minutes by car.
The next town to Mandra Edera is Abbasanta, which you can reach also by train.
It is recommended, however, to hire a car, as they are available for low prices (booking via internet).
Another possibility to reach Sardinia is by own car, taking the ferry boat. The ports of Genova or Livorno (Italy continent) are connected by ferry boat with the ports of Olbia (North-East) and Porto Torres (North West) on Sardinia.

How to arrive at Mandra Edera:
Take the street SS 131 (South-North from "Cagliari" in direction "Sassari" or the other way round). If you come from Olbia, take the street SS 131 East-West until you cross SS 131 South-North, see also map).
From SS 131 South - North take the exit "Abbasanta - Santu Lussurgiu", then turn in direction Santu Lussurgiu, after 400 metres you will see a sign at the right side "Mandra Edera" (also brown sign "Nuraghe Aiga"). Turn right here and follow the small street with many curves. After 4 km you will arrive at Country Hotel Mandra Edera.
Coordinates for navigation system:

40° 09' 16.47'' N
8° 46' 3.87'' E
Post Address Mandra Edera:
Località Mandra Edera, I - 09071 Abbasanta, Italy