Endurance Riding

Riding Package “Sport” - Endurance Training
Since 2013 we have a totally new project:
Intensive endurance riding training for sportive riders on excellent endurance horses under the supervision of an experienced veterinary. Train, have fun and take a lot of useful knowledge home to apply on your own horse.

Package price: € 1.460,00

NEW: Endurance Flash (entry level):
just 4 training days instead of 6, 4 days in halfboard, package price = € 


Dates in 2021:

will be online soon ....

Further dates on request (minimum 2 riders)


Riding package “Sport” is a totally new project of Mandra Edera for sports riders.  
6 days intensive athletic training for horses and riders (entry level: just 4 riding days); clinic stages under the supervision of a veterinarian experienced in sports medicine concerning endurance horses. An excellent training for all those who want to improve their knowledge about horse management in theory and practise, in order to apply it on the own horse at home. The daily riding hours (between 2 – 3 hours per day) are based on a typical training of an endurance horse, accompanied by lessons in medical treatment and adequate alimentation of sports horses.

The training will take place on the half island “Sinis”, where also the beach stable is located. The horses are well-trained Arabs and Anglo-Arabs, all of them with an excellent derivation, some of them will do endurance competitions on national and international level! The trainer is a veterinarian, who has a lot of experience in endurance riding, as participant of competitions and also as assisting vet.



Here is the itinerary of the training week:
1st day:
Meet your horse, find the right feeling with it. You will brush it and tackle it up. The first ride will be about 2 hours along the coast. You will get to know your horse and enjoy the fantastic landscape close to the sea. After the ride you will clean the horse, feed it and give to drink. Then briefing about the programme of the next days. Your trainer will give you a theory lesson about endurance riding and about the rules which are valid for every class (30 km, 60 km and 90 km).
2nd day:
This day will serve to feel the power of your horse. 2 hours ride. You will concentrate on the feeling in all three paces, in order to understand the particularities of your horse. After the ride discussion of the characteristics of every horse. Theory lesson about alimentation of a horse according the work it has to do.
3rd day:

You will learn to train with the watch. This will be a 3 hours ride with more speed. You will start to train the paces (walking, trotting, cantering) according to a time schedule. For example: 20 minutes walking, 10 minutes trot, 10 minutes canter, 15 minutes trot, 15 minutes canter, and so on. It will be an intensive training also for the rider. Afterwards you will watch how the horses recover. Vet-check after the ride: controlling heart rate, respiration, dehydration-check, capillary fill and so on. You will learn to control your horse to detect stiffness or lameness.

4th day:
Before starting the ride, the vet will check the horses and explain the results. The following training will be based on the diagnostic findings of the vet check. Based on the fatigue rate and the findings, the ride will take between 1,5 and 2 hours. You will learn who to program the training units in order to reach a maximum result of endurance / physical condition.
5th day:
You will have a 2 hours ride in all paces; eventually also working in the sea water and doing a lot of ups and downs in the hills. Afterwards discussion of the horse fitness and which kind of supplement food is needed for each horse. You will learn how to feed each type of horse according to the different competition classes.
6th day:
he last day of the training you will ride under conditions of a simulated endurance competition of 30 km (about 2,5 hours). Eventually using a GPS. Now you should be able to put into practise what you have learned before. The ride starts with a vet check. During the ride the riders should be able to indicate what pace is suitable and for how long, and which strategy they should take according to the characteristics of their horse. The riders should also know, when assistance is needed for their horse (like drinking, washing, supplements as minerals and so on). Last vet check 30 minutes after arrival.


After this training week you will have a lot of knowledge and practise which will be very useful for your horse riding at home.

All the training rides are done close to the sea, where the flat ground allows a lot of trotting and cantering. The landscape is fantastic! It includes sandy beaches, pinewoods, dunes, rocky coastline and salty lakes.


Riding package "Sport": 7 days in Hotel in half board, 6 days endurance training = € 1.460,00
"Endurance Flash" (entry level): 4 days in half board, 4 riding days =

Group: 2 – 5 riders; weekly booking (arrival day: Saturday)