Country Hotel Mandra Edera

Staying at the Mandra Edera is like being in paradise.  Located on the west coast of Sardinia, a little way from the seaside, near Abassanta, this estate has the style of a exquisite country-hotel.  The rooms in the main house and the suites, in the form of little individual bungalos, are decorated with many endearing details. 



Horses graze happily in the shade of old chestnut trees just outside the houses.  Aside from the twittering of birds you might hear the gurgling of the water in the generously-sized pool.  Those who seek calm surroundings and relaxation will definitely find opportunities to retank here.



This estate has been owned by the same family for many generations. They have been offering horse lovers and other vacationers years of unforgettable vacations and now they have expanded to offer a location for group workshops, motivational trips, etc.  In addition, there is a beautifully-equipped "salon" style seminar, but groups also have the opportunity to work uninterrupted outside in nature.



Having a cocktail in the lounge after riding lesson ... waiting for dinner ....better life can't be!



The Mandra Edera offers excellent dining in a cozy restaurant, available only to guests of the estate.  The chef prepares meals to die for from ultra-fresh produce and meats from the estate, itself. 



It's not for nothing that this romantic atmosphere attracts honeymooners and is a popular destination for couples and families who return year after to year to appreciate its beauty, fine food, relaxing atmosphere, and activities in nature.



We are open from 01.06. - 04.11.2017.
In 2018 we are open from 20.04. - 04.11.2018.

Please send an enquiry and we provide you an offer for your individual holidays on Sardinia.


Photos: Andrea Marongiu, Stephanie Boden, Emma White, Kristin & Valentina