Sardinia on Horseback

Riding on Sardinia is not just for advanced horseback riders, but also for beginners thanks to the gentle, not-easily-startled nature of the local horse breed.  After having completed several hours of basic riding instruction in the riding ring, horse fans are secure in their saddles, they can effectively make their horse take them where they want, and they are able to trot and even gallop short distances successfully.  At this point, they are ready to take a little trip off  into the surrounding areas. 

The Sardinian horses are well-trained and generally well-behaved, and in addition, they are happily willing to be directed by the rider.  An experienced, local riding instructor will lead small groups at the same level of riding ability out into the surrounding idyllic countryside.  In this way, horse lovers can find a little piece of "Heaven on Earth" on the back of their Sardinian horse.