Riding Excursions - Mountains and Sea

On this beautiful island you can have an exciting experience whilst trekking, looking for the ancient shepherd paths and enjoying wooded mountains, wild torrents and majestic falls. When you discover and explore it with an expert guide, Sardinia's nature is always an extraordinary surprise. Areas of natural interest include: limestone, volcanic rock which have been sculpted by wind, water and time, will never disappoint you. You will be able to smell the Mediterranean herbs and wild plants whilst out in the sun and make a visit to our white sandy beaches with clear blue seas.

The Mandra Edera riding excursions are organized in that way, that after a day’s trip the riders return to their comfortable hotel, while the horses pass the night on a paddock. In order to be prepared for the 4 or 5 days trip the guests will start the first day with a small excursion around the hotel, to get in touch with their horses. Beginning on the 2nd day, horse and rider will pass lonely regions of central Sardinia, climb "Mount Ferru" (1200 metres), and then cross the crest towards the western part, where the sea can be seen from afar.


This beautiful excursion continues while climbing down to the sea, passing meadows with hundreds of flowers and wild Mediterranean plants. The absolute highlight will be galloping on the beach of "Is Arenas", a distance of several kilometers to gallop, pure pleasure for both horse and rider. The daily riding duration will be about 3,5 hours, excluding transfer to the paddock and return to the hotel, preparing the horses and enjoying lunch together outside in the wild nature … the riding guests will be occupied for a little more than 5 hours a day. 


With this daily riding duration the riders are not too exhausted and the desire for riding and the pleasant anticipation for the next day remain a lot. Even the horses seem to be happy about the long riding trips and they enjoy running. The horses won’t be tired, even after several kilometres of galloping on the beach, they have fun, jauntily pawing into the sand, or they playing around in the water, putting their nose deep into it, puffing and blowing.


In the late afternoon the riders can enjoy the rest of the day at their comfortable hotel. They will sit together in the evening and have a delicious dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. After the last ride the horses will transported back to the stable. Riders are free to have further lessons in dressage or show-jumping or enjoy another riding excursion on the last day of their stay.


The trip is guided by the owner of the estate, and – depending on the size of the group  – it will be accompanied by a second guide. The owner is not only very experienced with horses but he is a qualified riding instructor. He has the ability to react to anyone's needs, a reassuring fact which offers security and confidence to the riding guests. He also possesses the necessary experience with the area and knows how to find the hidden paths. Thanks to the longstanding relationships the owner has with the farmers and sheepherds in the region, contacts which are lasting for many years, the riding guests are permitted to enter wild places which tourists are not normally allowed to enter.
The excursion offers unforgettable adventure for every horse fan to get familiar with the Sardian horses and the spectacular variety of the wonderful island of Sardinia!


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