Riding for children

Children normally have a natural and spontaneous behavior with animals, also with horses. They want to touch them, to feel them, to caress them, they like to feel the warm body of this huge animal. It has a calming effect to be carried by a horse, to feel the movements of its body, which are transferred to the little rider's body as well. This experience is a great feeling for children, that a horse, which so much bigger and stronger than themselves, is ready to carry them and that it can be moved into the direction which the little rider tells him to do, he just has to learn a little bit of the "horse language" and communicate to the horse. This emotional experience has a big effect on the children's self-confidence.


Children like to play and to discover the world with all their senses. For that reason the riding lessons are more fun and include playful elements. It’s not the achievements that count, the more important thing is experiencing the world of emotions. 



For this sort of lessons you need the adequate horses, of course, as horses are – as human beings as well – very different in their character. The horses which are used for riding lessons for children are extremely patient and calm and are highly sensible as well.



Children and animals are both very kittenish. On this horse farm they have the possibility to play, to experience, to joke around - and they feel very well, as we can see ....



For some children the first positive experiences with horses could stimulate their ambition to really start riding as a serious sport. For others there might remain a good memorization with horses, which means "confidence". Just leave it to your child ….