Classic trail "Monti e Mare"

Discover the beauty of Sardinia on horseback - riding six days
over the mountains to the sea ...

7 days in hotel in full board, 1 day excursion, 5 days trail  = price € 1.365,00


Video about Monti & Mare trail:

Discovering Sardinia on horseback - from the mountains to the sea. Hans Rademakers did the trail with us and made a fantastic video. Unforgettable moments - see a short version here:

video "Splendida Sardegna - Wonderful Sardinia"





Dates in 2019

27.07. - 03.08.2019
03.08. - 10.08.2019
24.08. - 31.08.2019
28.09. - 05.10.2019
05.10. - 12.10.2019

Further dates with minimum 4 riders. Ask for your favourite date!


Discover the beauty of Sardinia on horseback! In 5 days we will discover the variety of this island – landscape is changing completely every day. We will start at the stable, climb the mountain of Monte Ferru and finally arrive at the sea. The whole trail is about 150 km, we enter areas where normal tourists never enter. The horses are beautiful, well trained and friendly to the guests.


Photo: René Ruis
They enjoy the trail as the riders do. After every day’s ride, they stay on a paddock over night, while the guests go back to the hotel by Jeep and enjoy their free afternoon at the pool or in the big garden of Country-Hotel Mandra Edera.


Photo: René Ruis

1st day:
Arrival, check-in. Welcome Drink before dinner, getting in touch with the other members of the group, the guide will give some information about the excursion. Dinner at 8 pm.


Photo: René Ruis

2nd day:
After breakfast appointment at the stable:  get to know the your horse and get ready for the first excursion with takes approx 90 minutes. All the days of the excursion we will return about lunch time, so that you have the rest of the day for your own. Dinner is always at 8 pm.



3rd day:
After breakfast we start the first stage of the long trail (approx. 3,5 hours). We will pass old shepherd paths and huge cork oak forests, see sheep, pigs and donkeys. Finally we will climb the first part of Mountain “Monte Ferru”. There we will leave our horses on a paddock and prepare them for overstay (We started at about 400 metres and arrive at about 700 metres over sea). The jeep will pick us and bring us back to the hotel.


Photo: René Ruis

4th day:
After breakfast departure by Jeep to the paddock and prepare our horses for the next stage (about 3,5 hours). We will pass the village “San Leonardo” which is famous for its fountains and enter the protected park of Mountain “Monte Ferru”. We will enter a totally new landscape, full of rocks and big stones, sometimes it looks like a moon valley – so isolated is the place. If we are lucky we see some mufflons or wild pigs or at least their tracks. We will pass the climax of 1.100 metres and see the sea from far – a wonderful, breathtaking view to the west coast of Sardinia. We will climb down with our horses to 800 metres and prepare them for overstay at Mount “Seneghe”. here is a perfect place for a nice picnic, in the shade of the stone oack trees.



5th day:
This day we will pass a huge forest with a mystical atmosphere (about 3,5  hours riding). The landscape and the vegetation are totally different to the day before. All is green and humid, many different trees are growing here at the mount “Seneghe”. We will have a rest after two hours, to eat a sandwich. Then we continue our way, always downwards, passing Mediterranian Macchia (typical vegetation for Sardinia), smell the herbes and see strange plants. Finally we reach an area which reminds to “Mexico” with all these cactus around. When we arrive at our paddock at Ranch Catzeddu, we have made a level difference from 800 metres coming down to 50 metres over sea.


Photo: René Ruis

6th day:
Today we will arrive at the beach! After breakfast we go by jeep to the Ranch Catzeddu and prepare our horses for the next excursion (approx 3,5 hours). We can already smell the salty smell of the sea water in the air, we see the blue water from far, when we follow tight and stony paths or big meadows full of flowers. We ride through a pine wood and arrive finally at the beach of Is Arenas (8 km long!) Here the horses can play in the sea water and we will have a wonderful canter over the beach. The day's endpoint is the pastures at “Is Benas”, where the horses stay overnight. You will enjoy a picknick at the beach, with the fantastic view over rocks in the crystal clear sea. If you want you can also take a refreshing swim!


Photo: René Ruis

7th day:

After breakfast return to the stable at the coast and tack the horses for the last leg of riding, which will be about  three and a half hours. Although you will be near to the beach while riding, the landscape will be totally different from yesterday. Today a round tour will bring you along a selection of highlights, such as you'll ride through the protected area of Sinis and canter along paths surrounded by meadows full of flowers, and ascend steep cliffs with a fantastic view of the emerald-green water beyond us.  We will ride through the water of the salt lake „Stagno Sale Porcus“ and will watch hundreds of flamingos close by – a breathtaking experience! If the lake is dried out in late summmer, we will have fantastic long gallops on a perfect ground.