Classic trail "Monti e Mare"

Discover the beauty of Sardinia on horseback - riding six days
over the mountains to the sea ...

Since 2020: new tour with more riding up to 6 hours, only for fit riders (max. weight 90 kg)

7 days in hotel in full board, 1 day excursion, 5 days trail  = price € 1.565,00


Video about Monti & Mare trail:

Discovering Sardinia on horseback - from the mountains to the sea. Hans Rademakers did the trail with us and made a fantastic video. Unforgettable moments - see a short version here:

video "Splendida Sardegna - Wonderful Sardinia"





Dates in 2021

22.05. - 29.05.2021

You can choose any other week from Saturday to Saturday.
We start with a group of minimum 4 riders.
Ask for your favourite date!


Discover the beauty of Sardinia on horseback! In 5 days we will discover the variety of this island – landscape is changing completely every day. We will start at the stable, climb the mountain of Monte Ferru and finally arrive at the sea. The whole trail is about 150 km, we enter areas where normal tourists never enter. The horses are beautiful, well trained and friendly to the guests.


Photo: René Ruis
They enjoy the trail as the riders do. After every day’s ride, they stay on a paddock over night, while the guests go back to the hotel by Jeep and enjoy their free afternoon at the pool or in the big garden of Country-Hotel Mandra Edera.


Photo: René Ruis

1st day:
Arrival, check-in. Welcome Drink before dinner, getting in touch with the other members of the group, the guide will give some information about the excursion. Dinner at 8 pm.


Photo: René Ruis

2nd day:

After a cosy breakfast in the garden the riders meet at the stable. The guide gives an overview of the riding tour and assigns the horses according to the Riding Profiles filled out in advance. During the subsequent 2 - 3 hour ride into the surrounding area, everyone has the opportunity to familiarise themselves with "their" horse. Just in time for lunch*) the riding troupe returns, so that the rest of the day is at leisure. The riders meet for a delicious dinner.
*) In the hot months of July and August, the evening hours are ridden in, so that the temperatures are pleasant for horse and rider. A wonderful sunset awaits you. Here the trail starts after lunch or in the afternoon hours.




3rd day:
After breakfast we start the first stage of the hike. We ride along old shepherd paths and cross large cork oak forests, see sheep, pigs and donkeys. Finally we reach the foothills of Monte Ferru, where we already ride steeply uphill. We arrive at the paddock, where our horses will spend the night, and take care of our faithful animals. We started at 400 meters above sea level and have already reached 700 meters. The jeep picks us up and brings us back to the hotel.

from 2020: riding time 5 - 6 hrs.
The path leads us along shepherd paths through large cork oak forests. Finally we reach "San Leonardo", famous for its seven springs, where we stop for a lunch break. The place was already inhabited by the Templars, an old church over 1,000 years old still bears witness to it. After our further ride we reach the summit of Monte Ferru (about 1,000 meters height). The path leads through a nature park that impresses with its numerous tree species. Breathtaking views to the "Lago Omodeo", the biggest reservoir of Sardinia, as well as to the mountain range of the "Supramonte" at the west coast. The tour ends with the arrival at the mountain agriturismo "Elighes Uttiosus". Here the horses stay overnight and the escort vehicle brings us back to the hotel.



Photo: René Ruis

4th day:

After breakfast the jeep brings us back to our horses and we prepare for the next stage of about 3.5 hours riding time. First we pass through the pretty little village "San Leonardo", which has numerous wells, into which the fresh spring water from the mountains bubbles, and for this reason, with its fresh greenery, has become a popular excursion destination all around. Later we reach the natural park of the "Monte Ferru". Already with passing the gate to the park we enter a completely different landscape, the vegetation becomes sparser, bizzare rocks and masses of stones surround us, it almost seems like a moon landscape. With a little luck we can see moufflons or wild boars, or at least their tracks, eagles and falcons curiously circle us. When we reach the summit of 1,100 meters, we have a breathtaking view of the west coast of Sardinia. Now we have a descent to 800 meters in front of us, where we leave our horses at Mount Seneghe in a suitable paddock. There we have a wonderful picnic with our horses in the shade of the holm oaks.

from 2020: riding time 3,5 hrs.
Today we make a round tour through the mountains, which offer wonderful impressions and views after every curve of the stony paths. With a little luck you might even see moufflons and wild boars. At the end of the route, the horses are rewarded with a relaxing end on the paddock, while the riders strengthen themselves with a delicious Sardinian lunch*) on "Elighes Uttiosus".
*) in the hot season will be changed according to the riding times into a Sardinian dinner



5th day:

Today we also have a great riding tour ahead of us. Again a completely different landscape awaits us, we cross a large forest, which reminds us of a forest full of fairies and gnomes because of the strange looking gnarled trees, covered with ivy and surrounded by lianas. Here, in the forest of "Seneghe", everything sprouts full of green. We stop at a cottage and take a break, eat a sandwich. The further way leads us further downhill, even now the vegetation changes, we cross Mediterranean Macchia, which is typical for Sardinia, smell the intensive smell of the herbs and see partly quite strange plants, which there are only here. Finally we come to an area that reminds us of Mexico with its many cacti. When we arrive at our destination, the Cazzeddu Ranch, we have covered 750 metres in altitude and are now at 50 metres above sea level.

from 2020: Riding time 5 - 6 hours.
Today we reach the sea. First the tour leads us through the magic forest of "Seneghe". Here we stop at a nice place for a picnic. The sea finally always in the view, with the curved lines of the west coast, which one can see beautifully from above in the mountains, we finally reach the beach of "Is Arenas", a wonderful long sandy beach of seven kilometres length, at which one can gallop wonderfully. The sunset conjures up everything in a golden light. The tour ends at the so-called "Koppeln am Meer", the second branch of Mandra Edera, where there are also other horses. Here our sure-footed companions take a nice rest on large pastures full of alfalfa.


Photo: René Ruis

6th day:

Today we reach the sea! After breakfast the jeep takes us to the ranch, we clean and saddle our horses, which are already waiting for us joyfully for the next ride. The salt smell of the sea is already vibrating in the air, we can see the intense blue of the water from a distance, if we follow the narrow, stony paths and ride through flowered meadows. After crossing a pine forest, we finally reach the beach of Is Arenas, vast, covered with soft sand, 7 kilometres long! Horse and rider breathe deeply in this moment, it is always a special moment. The horses play happily in the water and then a wonderful gallop awaits us. The horses love to run, the riders are happy. Now it's not long to the paddocks by the sea, where the horses are jumping around happily on huge pastures - even after such a ride. A picnic awaits the riders on the beach with a fantastic view of bizarre rock formations. Here you also have the opportunity to jump into the sea and get a pleasant refreshment.

from 2020: riding time 3 - 4 hrs.
A wonderful ride to the "southern foothills" of the Sinis coast awaits us. Beside indescribably beautiful views from the steep coast to the rocks and the sea, another highlight is the crossing of the lagoon "Sale Porcus". In spring we wade through the salt water with the horses and can admire numerous flamingos up close until they finally rise majestically and sail away above our heads. In summer, when the lagoon has dried up, we have the unique opportunity to gallop four kilometres in a row on perfect springy ground! Here every rider's heart jumps and shouts "Yahooooo!"


Photo: René Ruis

7th day:

On the last day of the trail we will ride in a large round arch on the Sinis peninsula, a compilation of wonderful highlights. We cross the upper tip of the peninsula and come to the steep coast. Here you can really enjoy breathtaking views into the depths, the crystal clear and turquoise water, the clapping of the waves, the birds that majestically circle us. A few kilometres of truly meditative atmosphere while our faithful horses carry us safely. In the half arch we come back to the great salt lake, the "Stagno Sale Porcus", which takes its name from the high salt content. Depending on the season, we cross the lake on horseback in the shallow water and marvel at the hosts of flamingos that even let the horses get relatively close. Once the salt lake has dried up, it resembles a desert-like landscape. Here, long gallops are offered, as one hardly experiences them otherwise. Finally we return to the paddocks at the sea after another brisk ride, where a well-deserved break awaits the horses. The riders celebrate the end of this beautiful week with their last dinner on Mandra Edera in the evening.

from 2020: Riding time 4 hours
Today the ride leads to the huge rock massif of "Capo Mannu", from where there are further magnificent views of the coast and the sea. A new landscape opens up. In the distance you can even see the famous quartz sand beach of Is Arutas flickering in the sun. Here, too, there are always sections where you can trot and gallop. After the horses have been well looked after at the end, a nice lunch (or dinner in midsummer) awaits in the nearby logde of "Is Benas" before the guests are brought back to the hotel by the shuttle.


8th day:

Cosy breakfast and departure.
Extension days are possible of course.



We are absolutely thrilled, it was all wonderful and a perfect riding holiday. The horses were brave and very sure-footed, Daniele was a very careful riding guide, so that we immediately felt completely safe. The tour was scenically very impressive and varied, quite amazing how many different landscapes we saw. On the second evening after crossing the summit we had dinner on an agriturismo, also very authentic (the last part of this day was in the darkness because a horse had to be changed and the schedule got mixed up, it was also impressive how the horses went forward anyway). The hotel staff was always very friendly and extremely flexible, the food perfect.

I can well imagine doing the ride again, ... Our small troop was also very harmonious, which makes a lot of difference. And we noticed at home that an excursion on big horses also does us good sitting down as Icelandic horse riders... (Katja K., Münster, July 2018)


Please note:
If a group of 4 riders does not come together, you can choose another riding program (e.g. "Country & Sea") and get the difference reimbursed.