Hippotherapy is an effective therapeutic method where the horse is used as a medium. It is used for example for children and young people with behavioural problems, for physically or mentally handicapped children and adults, for autistic people, for persons who have suffered a trauma, for adolescents who started a criminal career.

In this field horses are highly to be estimated in the service they do, due to their extremely developed sensibility and their friendly relationship towards human beings.


It is much more than the physiotherapeutic effects that a horse has for the person sitting on its back, whilst the horse’s movements are transferred in a relaxing way to the rider's body. Especially the emotional experience, that the big and strong animal is also warm and cosy and reacts on fine impulses, shows persistent effects and contributes to psycho-physical relaxation and higher self-confidence.  

"sardinienhorse" is organizing therapeutic riding on Sardinia.
This concept is still under construction. We would be happy for useful contacts and further encouragement. Please contact us ("contact").