Coaching with horses


Coaching with horses is a new method of personality training which becomes more and more popular due to its enduring effects. The horse can have e key role as a medium in the training of executive managers and in team building processes. Horses are direct and sincere, their reactions are honest and immediately reflect what they are feeling.

Coaching with horses does not mean, that the participants should be experienced in riding or that they are used to horses. It’s more the other way round: the less experienced the people are, the better it is.

Horses react in a very sensible way when they interact with people. Horses are not impressed by titles or education or hierarchic position of a person. Horses just react on the things which they perceive. They react on unconscious processes and thus make them visible. The basis for coaching with horses is the systemic approach, which means that we are all in a permanent interaction with each other and that any change of our personal attitude has always an effect on the whole system we are in.

"sardinienhorse" is organizing coaching seminars with horses on Sardinia, providing ideal conditions and adequate horses for an external coach and his group.
Please contact me if you are interested, I would be happy to provide an individual concept for you.